Montreal Driver Speeds And Jumps His Car Over Highway 20 In Dorval

The physics of this are mind boggling.
Montreal Driver Speeds And Jumps His Car Over Highway 20 In Dorval

A lots of cities like to claims they have the most dangerous drivers out there, but in Montreal's case we may actually be right.

Our drivers simply have a talent for doing incredibly, and sometimes physically impossible things. 

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So when you hear a story about a Montreal man who managed to make his car jump over 6 lanes of traffic on highway 20, it's not exactly shocking. Although it does make you wonder how the hell he managed to do it. 

The accident was reported to CJAD by a man named Matthew Berube. 

“I look over and there is a car airborne. I watched it clear all four lanes of rush-hour traffic, land nose-first in the ditch on the Cardinal side of the 20. It then rolled end-over-end, rolling over the first two sets of train tracks, then landed on its roof in the middle of all four sets of tracks.”

When police arrived and the witnesses told them what happened, they didn't actually believe it. Later they confirmed that the car did manage to completely clear the highway. 

What's ever crazier is that somehow the man managed to survive the initial crash and witnesses claims they saw him crawl out of the car and ran away from the crash. Sadly he died later that night. 


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