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Crazy Montreal Map Showing You All The Potholes In The City Right Now

Montreal's is quite literallythe pothole capital of the world. But for some reason, this year, the holes seem to be particularly massive ,which will no doubt inflict maximum "car fuckage".  

This morning, we came across a map that shows all the potholes in Montreal and it is freaking terrifying! It looks like the city has a rash.

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Some areas have so many potholes, they literally overlap on the map. Kinda reminds us of the Map that showed all the construction in Montreal.  

Over the last 4 months, Montreal has fixed nearly 100,000 potholes but there's more popping up every day. But on the bright side, the machines the city uses to fix potholes can locate and track potholes with their GPS.

Journal Metro usedthis info to make this interactive map, so you can see exactly which areas have the most potholes.  

Click here to see the map

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