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"Crazy Rich Asians" Is The Number One Movie In Canada And Here's Why

The Rom-Com is back!
"Crazy Rich Asians" Is The Number One Movie In Canada And Here's Why

The filmthat caught the internet by storm - Crazy Rich Asians - hit number one at the box office over the weekend, grossing $25.24M in Canada, and it's only been out in theatres for a week!

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This film is huge. I went to AMC over the weekend because I had to see what all the buzz was about.

First of all, this movie is receiving a lot of hype just because it's made cinematic history as the first American-made movie in 25-years with an all-Asian cast and also an Asian lead.

The starring actress Constance Wu who plays the main character Rachel Chu even graced the cover of Time magazine this month.

@timeembedded via

The cast is all-Asian, however, the film follows a fairly predictable Rom Com-style trope; there's even an airport scene at the end!

Despite the predictable Rom Com framework, the film remains honest in it's approach to love and romance.

The film follows the main character American born Chinese Rachel Chu as she travels to Singapore to meet her boyfriend's family for a wedding.

She arrives in Singapore only to find out that - surprise! - Her boyfriend's family are like Rockefellers of Singapore - they are crazy rich. Rachel Chu, a modest Gap-wearing college professor, proceeds to get swept up fish-out-of-water-style in the glitz and glamour of the Singaporean elite. Yes, there are like three fantastic makeover scenes.

Things quickly prove more challenging than expected, though. As an Asian-American raised by a struggling single mom with no family fortune, Rachel is presented with several obstacles; notably intense scrutiny from her boyfriend's family and strict disapproving mother, and jealousy from status hungry Singaporean women spreading nasty rumors and making her out to be a gold digger.

Although this Romeo & Juliet style story stars an all-Asian cast, like most films of its genre, the "love conquers all" theme transcend race, gender, age, and class. Not to mention, the movie is full of swoon-worthy romance scenes that will undoubtedly provoke a few tears and make you smile at the same time.  It's an all around feel great movie that everyone will most definitely relate to and enjoy.

Peep the official trailer below!


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