Crazy Sh*t Canadians Tell Americans About Canada That They Actually Believe

'The moose race starts at 8. Come naked. Bring beer.'
Crazy Sh*t Canadians Tell Americans About Canada That They Actually Believe

Earlier today I came across a pretty funny thread.

Reddit user 10kAllDay who lives in the US was planning on visiting Quebec and they wanted Canadians to recommend "uniquely Canadian" experiences that could not be enjoyed in the United States.

And in true Canadian fashion, instead of handing out any actual relevant information, those who replied decided this would be the perfect occasion to come up with as many ridiculous answers as they could.

10kAllDay realized we were messing with him but he decided to play along anyways.

Of course, since we're so polite, we gave a few real answers, but as you're about to see, the fake answer are far more entertaining:


"A proper donair. A proper poutine. A medium Double Double. Shovelling 20 feet of driveway under 24 inches of snow so you can get a medium Double Double and get to work."

Pretty much your average day in Canada.


"The moose races every Wednesday night in Calgary. Just follow the train tracks from Montreal and walk about 2000 kilometres west. They start at 8. Come naked. Bring beer and Poutine."

10kAllDay even replied: "The fabled Canadian Moose Races, a true right of passage."

When 10kAllDay asked:

"Just to clarify, do I smother myself in beer and Poutine before or after I arrive?"

Darkchyylde gave the greatest answer in the world:

"You're mistaken. The beer and poutine is mixed to make moose fuel. Potent stuff. Highly explosive."

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