Crazy Unpredictable Fall Weather Expected In Montreal This Week

Brace yourself.
Crazy Unpredictable Fall Weather Expected In Montreal This Week

This Friday marked the official first day of fall! Over the weekend, it was clear the Montrealers we're excited about the arrival of autumn. 

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TL;DR Montreal can expect erratic peaks and valleys in temperature this early fall week.

Walking around Montreal you can see everyone happily sporting their shiny fall swag, chunky slouchy sweaters, big scarfs, and sleek boots - the weather is chilly and perfect!

Although the weather is cooling off, some peaks and valley in temperature are still expected during this period of transition into fall.

This week will be especially erratic.

Via theweathernetwork

Currently this Monday morning it's a very chilly 5 degrees but feels like 1 degree! It's cold out there.

But don't expect it to stay cold, the temperature will rise in the afternoon, up to 15 degrees.

Midweek is when it will start to get really crazy. Temperatures on Wednesday afternoon are expected to peak at 31 degrees as humidity builds over the week. 

That's a 22-degree difference between night and day!

31 degrees in September is pretty wild; make sure to bring a change of clothes to compensate for the peaking afternoon temperatures this week.

As the week progresses, temperatures should become progressively less erratic, however, there is still a stark difference in temperature that will felt between night and day.

The take-away: The average temperature difference between night and day is 9 degrees, so make sure to dress appropriately.


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