Crazy Video Of Tornado Brewing Over Eastern Canada

Hailstorms, wildfires, hurricanes! What's up with the weather this summer?
Crazy Video Of Tornado Brewing Over Eastern Canada

This summer, all throughout Canada, citizens are experiencing unprecedented weather-related disasters, ranging from caterpillar infestations, unstoppable wildfires, damaging hurricanes, record-breaking heat-waves, and powerful hailstorms

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These natural disasters aren't just a day of blah weather, they are claiming hundreds of lives and irreparably damaging peoples home and property. 

When you hear it all together like that, it's all starting to sound kinda like the bible stories I learned in school and a little apocalyptic to me. Get your arc ready!

That said, the questionable weather conditions don't seem to be stopping.

Over the weekend, Environment Canada announced that they were closely tracking a storm that was making its way from the mid-western U.S towards south-western Ontario. 

This violent storm was anticipated to hit and bring heavy downpours, high winds, and damaging hail. The conditions worsened over the weekend, and after the spotting of worrisome funnel clouds,  Environment Canada was prompted to issue a REAL tornado warning for Chatham-Kent and Elgin County in Ontario.

According to a source, several eyewitnesses spotted these funnel clouds on Sunday afternoon while riding on the highway. I don't know about you, but I've never seen anything like this in Canada.  

In the end, the tornado warnings were pulled, but the severe thunderstorm warnings continued to be in effect for the region. 

On a high-level, it seems like Canada is not getting any respite from the severe weather this summer. Seriously, this country has been hit with everything!

Hopefully, the cool fall weather will bring all this insane weather to a stop. But I can't help but wonder if we should start to see such extreme summer weather as our new norm.