Crazy Video Showing Angry Moose Chasing Skiers

This is the most a-moose-ing thing you'll see all day
Crazy Video Showing Angry Moose Chasing Skiers

This is definitely the most a-moose-ing news you'll see all day. A video posted to Facebook on Saturday depicting a moose attack on skiers has gone viral. Though this is definitely one way to learn how to ski faster, I can't say that I recommend it.

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TL;DR A video on Facebook shows a moose chasing skiers down a hill in Colorado, at the Breckenridge Ski Resort. This definitely makes you think twice before you hit the hills!

The video starts with skiers gawking at a moose. But what starts as just a cute animal spotting video changes drastically when we see the moose charging at the skiers. 

According to the photographer, Lo Drogsvold, none of the skiers or snowboarders seemed to have suffered any injuries from the anonymoose attack.

The caption is a warning to everyone who likes to spend time in nature: "We got charged by a moose on our snowboards today! After chasing us for a solid 1/2 mile with no signs of letting up, I ducked into a treewell because I was losing speed and he was closing in on me fast. I hid behind the tree until the coast was clear."

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Moose are notoriously territorial, and they will defend their territory when necessary. It is not the first time that a moose charging at people has been caught on camera. Their size and weight make them incredibly dangerous. Moose can be deadly in other ways, seeing as unfortunate collisions with moose on the highway often wreck cars. Those skiers moose't have been crazy to get so close up!

The skiers can therefore definitely count themselves lucky. I for one hope that if I ever encounter a moose in the wild, I do so from very, very far away.

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