Crazy Video Showing Man In Montreal Driving Without A Wheel

There is a crazy video going viral right now in Montreal.

Two people were driving towards the Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine Bridge–Tunnel when they saw something unusual on the road.

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It turns out that the mystery object what the wheel of car that was just casually rolling down the highway. Either that or some was driving an invisible car with a malfunctioning cloaking device.

In the video, which was shot by Leobardo Antonio and posted on Autonet's Facebook page, you can see the three wheeled wonder-car driving as if nothing happened. The driver simply put his flashers on (Because y'know, safety first), and just he kept on driving.

Funny enough, people online aren't angry. In fact, many people think he's a hero because he is willing to scrap his won car in order to avoid causing traffic in the tunnel.

(At that point, you can either stop a create a monster traffic jam, or you hope you can make to the side. It looks stupid, but at least people won't get stuck... Hit the gas!)

What likely happened is that the driver or someone the driver hired probably didn't secure the summer tires properly

(He reacted well (...) this was clearly a mistake by the person who installed his summer tires. (...))