Cristiano Ronaldo Just Bought 'World's Most Expensive Car' - A $16.5 Million Bugatti (Pics)

Soccer legend Cristiano Ronaldo just purchased the world's most expensive car, a $16.5 million dollar Bugatti called "La Voiture Noire." 

That price translates to about 11 million euros or 9.49 million pounds sterling.

The car was called a "one-off" by The Daily Mail, meaning it's probably so expensive in part because it is the sole iteration of its style. 

The car was built as part of the 110th anniversary of the company's founding.

According to The Daily Mail, the car tops out at 260 mph and is styled after the "legendary Bugatti Type 57 SC Atlantic." 

The fourth, all-black Atlantic has been missing since the Second World War, according to Bugatti, so this modern day reimagining is " far more than a modern interpretation of the ghost of the gran turismo."

The car is considered a "tribute" to Bugatti's history and was created by Ettore Bugatti's eldest son. 

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To get down to the nitty-gritty, this car is the most expensive car that is currently in production.

There are more expensive cars out there that have appreciated in value because they are collectable or whatnot.

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This car is just the most expensive "off the rack" car, if you will.

You'll also notice that it is largely based off another Bugatti classic, the Chiron, pictured below:

Earlier reports had indicated that the purchaser was Ferdinand Piech, former chairman of the Volkswagen Group, the Daily Mail explains.

But new reports by the Spanish sports paper Marca indicate that it is, in fact, Ronaldo who is going to be taking the car home.

The Daily Mail, also explains that the owner "will not be able to drie the ar until 2021" so that Bugatti can finalize "some small details on the prototype." Makes sense, since this car has just been sitting around looking pretty at car shows up until now.

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