Croissant Muffin? Yes, Croissant Muffin

The 'cruffin' is something you may want to eat a dozen of.
Croissant Muffin? Yes, Croissant Muffin

Breakfast pastries have gotten weird, people used to come up with original recipes, but nowadays you just need to combine 2 existing recipes, give it an unappetizing name and you're done. This has been a great success for the inventor of the cronut, the doissant and the brioughnut. So now we figure its our turn to make some money. We'll combine a bagel and an apple turnover and call it a bagurnover. Genius!

Okay, I know it's sucks but it's not my fault, most of the good names are already taken. They even thought of the idea to combine a muffin and a croissant to create: The Cruffin. They look amazingly tasty but unfortunately no one sells them here so if you want one, you'll have to put in a bit of work. But if you do it right, the end result will be spectacular:

To show you juts how much work is involved in making these. Here's a quick photo guide that doesn't even include making the dough from scratch using a pasta maker.

For the full recipe check out ladyandpups.

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