Croissants + Blood Oranges = The Blood Orange Croissant

Bloody delicious.
Croissants + Blood Oranges = The Blood Orange Croissant

Flaky, buttery, and straight-up scrumptious, croissants are the ultimate breakfast bread. Light enough to take on the go, hefty enough to house all sorts of ingredients, croissants are incredibly versatile, making any variation very delectable.

One incredibly enticing croissant-creation we came across is the Candied Blood Orange Croissant. Don't be fooled by the "candied" aspect, these croissants are all about being fancy/sophisticated, but still easy enough for you to make yourself.

Sweet, with a bit of tart, airy, yet still slightly crunchy, the candied blood oranges take croissants to whole new levels. Think of them as croissants with jam already inside, only the jam is totally homemade and fresh as can be.

Get the full recipe right here, or just take a visual tour of flavours through the photos below.

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