Crowds Of Mischievous Seals Are Invading This Town In Canada And No One Knows How To Get Rid Of Them (Photos)

The blubbery pests are here to stay.
Crowds Of Mischievous Seals Are Invading This Town In Canada And No One Knows How To Get Rid Of Them (Photos)

Each city seems to have their own unique problem with critters and pest control. There's no doubt that if you live in Montreal, you've seen your share of rats running around the metro. If you're from Toronto, garbage-seeking raccoons are now just part of city life. The outskirts of cities often deal with coyotes and even deer. 

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TL;DR A town in Newfoundland has been invaded by seals in recent weeks, with the animals causing disruptions on roads and other busy areas.The Department of Fisheries is monitoring the area and warns of the dangers that come with the large animals.

But there's one town that has definitely out-ranked us all when it comes to a pest problem. That town happens to be in Newfoundland.

Roddickton, NL has come across a major animal problem that they have no idea how to handle. The area has recently been invaded by dozens of seals that seem to have made themselves pretty comfortable.

Seals at mouth of the brook in Roddickton. Wonder where’s DFO. Those seals been there for a few weeks. They are 4 or 5 miles from the ocean and they are probably starving.

January 4, 2019

Human inhabitants of the town were warned to be cautious of the large creatures, as seals will often become aggressive when threatened. The seals were first spotted entering the town in October of last year. In recent weeks, even larger crowds of seals have arrived.

One on its way to the gas station

January 5, 2019

Few seals out for a swim

January 6, 2019

It's no joke to say this is an invasion. According to locals, the animals are moving down the street and stopping traffic, swimming in streams, and even climbing snowbanks next to a nearby gas station.

Few out for a crawl today

January 6, 2019

At times, locals have seen up two twenty seals in one group, with the average being two or three seals at a time.

There's concern that the fate of the seals could be deadly if they don't return to where they came from. The animals could be injured by the vehicles and people that freqeuntly approach them. The Department of Fisheries in Newfoundland announced that they're monitoring the situation for the time being.

Seal on the road in Roddickton. I guess someone should call DFO and report that the people are killing them, then you’ll see how quick they’ll show up

January 4, 2019

Until then, we can only imagine that this town has become a seal oasis as well as a nightmare for its human residents. 

Stay tuned.


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