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Cute Kittens You Can Adopt In Montreal This April

Add some love to your life.
Cute Kittens You Can Adopt In Montreal This April

Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings, and if you're looking for a way to shine some more light in your life, there's truly no better way than adopting a new furry feline.

Loving, calming, and simply adorable, the new energy found within a cat or kitten is the surest way to bring in some sense of spring to your home, even if the weather is still stuck on winter.

And Montreal has plenty of delightful felines looking for an owner to love. Thanks to groups like Montreal's Pussy Patrol and Cause 4 Paws, both of which rescue cats and offer them for adoption, you can become a cat-owner in no time at all.

Check out some of the felines you can adopt right now in our roundup below.

Photo cred - cause4paws


Truly too adorable for words, Pumpkin is a young kitten with medium orange and white fur (hence the name) that is need of a wonderful home to grow up in. Can you be the best parent ever for this wonderful kitty? The answer is yes.

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Photo cred - pussypatrol

Lana Turner

If being full-time glamorous is your mantra, then Lana Turner may be the cat for you. "So glam" they had to name her after two musical divas (Lana Del Rey and Tina Turner, obvi), this two-year-old cat was rescued about a month ago and is already well-adjusted to life in a relaxed, home setting. Vaccinated and incredibly sweet, Lana Turner may be the glam-cat you've been needing in your life.

Find out more at the Pussy Patrol Cat Adoption Page

Photo cred - cause4paws


Despite being a little shy, Monet is full of love to give. One year in age, Monet loves his brother (pictured) and playing with toys, a loving energy that he can definitely direct towards his new owner. After you play with him, of course.

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Only 9 months old, Simba is an adorable tabby cat perfect for folks who love to take naps. Why? Because Simba loves nothing more than cuddling up for a good rest. But that isn't to say Simba doesn't enjoy some active playtime too.

Simba also has a sister, Lola, and the two are almost inseparable. If anyone is willing to let two wonderful cats into their life, then Simba and Lola would make an adorable addition, but either can be adopted individually, too.

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Big personalities pair well together, and if you happen to have one, Adeliade may be your ideal furry feline. With a "top cat" attitude, Adelaide likes to have the spotlight on her, and certainly wants to be the only cat in your life. Together, no doubt you two will be a serious power couple.

Find out more at the Pussy Patrol Cat Adoption Page

Puss Puss

A new mom, Puss Puss has plenty of love to share once she's finished caring for her newborn kittens. Montreal Cause 4 Paws promises that Puss Puss will be sterilized and available for adoption once her kids have flown the coop, and you can bet she'll be looking for someone to care for her for a change.

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About a year old, Snap pretty much lives to cuddle. Take a seat on your couch or bed, and no doubt Snap will join you in relaxing, especially after a good play-session. Hoping to find his "forever home," Snap is a cat with a well-balanced personality that would make a great addition to any household.

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Having a cat this is both sociable and completely independent can be a tad bit difficult to find, but that's exactly what you'll get with Humphrey. Three years old, Humphrey can take care of himself and explore all by his lonesome or get all up in your business for some loving affection, depending on the mood. Anyone with a varied schedule will perfectly pair with Humphrey's innate independence and serene attitude.

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