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Daft Punk Is Allegedly Coming To Montreal In 2017

Touring 'around the world' and this city.
Daft Punk Is Allegedly Coming To Montreal In 2017

It's either the year's biggest announcement, or meanest prank anyone has ever pulled.

But according to a new teaser video that has been popping up around the internet, Daft Punk may actually be planning a concert tour in 2017.

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I'm sure everyone has heard about the Alive website hoax by now:

Last month


People were seriously pissed off, especially since Daft Punk hasn't toured since 2007.

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But this new video contains sequences of numbers that represent GPS locations of various cities around the world.

These are supposedly the cities where Daft Punk will be touring in 2017:

Here areall the stops listed for North America:

  • Los Angeles

  • Seattle

  • Montreal

  • Chicago

  • New York

  • Las Vegas

  • Miami


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