Daft Punk Performing At The Grammys Is Already One Of The Best Things In 2014

Pharrell + Stevie Wonder + Niles Rodgers + Daft Punk = awesome.

Last night was the Grammys, otherwise known as the awards show before the Oscars that no one really cares about. Who knows (and cares) who won what, but there was a musical performance of unparalleled awesome.

Pharrell started off on stage with Niles Rodgers and Stevie Wonder at his sides, with the trio taking us back in to the summer with 'Get Lucky." A few verses in, and BAM, Daft Punk, the helmet-clad duo themselves pop up from behind some glass and take the performance to the next level. Rather than read about it, watch and listen below.

How did you like the Grammys?

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