Dangerous Caterpillars Invading Quebec?

This will 'irritate' you.
Dangerous Caterpillars Invading Quebec?

In 2013, the Journal de Montreal wrote a story about deadly caterpillars invading Montreal. The story claimed that these dangerous creatures were sneaking their way into Quebec by hiding in our luggage. Seems like a legitimate explanation until you realize that if that was a thing, then it wouldn't just be caterpillars hitching a ride in your suitcase and we'd already be swarmed with deadly insects from around the world.

The article quotes an allergy expert present in "different hospitals" named Anita Lee. But when we tried to find information about her, we realize she's either the most secretive expert in the world, or this interview was the only work she's ever done.

The story first says that some children nearly died after being exposed to the caterpillars, then later they claim it was 2 babies who put the caterpillars in their mouths. That's dangerous with any kind of caterpillar since they can lodge their spiny hairs inside you - even if they aren't poisonous. Putting one in your mouth is a pretty easily avoidable situation: Step 1 - Don't be a baby. Step - 2 Don't put a caterpillar in your mouth.

So the story basically says that a child tried to eat a caterpillar, his throat got itchy and swollen and somehow that story turned into "Dangerous Caterpillars Are Invading Quebec."

I don't know about you, but it's been 2 years and the invasion doesn't exactly seem to be out of control. I can't even remember the last time I saw a caterpillar. I guess the lesson here is, don't take everything you read so seriously.

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