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Dangerous Freezing Rain Is Coming To Parts Of Canada Today

Go home weather, you're drunk.
Dangerous Freezing Rain Is Coming To Parts Of Canada Today

It seems like Mother Nature has been playing a pretty cruel trick on Canadians lately. Just last week temperatures caused for bundling up before going outside and actual winter conditions taking over, despite it only being October!

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TL;DR Freezing rain as well as ice pellets, snow and strong winds are expected to hit Ontario and Quebec today and later tonight. Environment Canada is urging people to avoid driving today as words will be icy and slippery. Up to 15cm of snow will be seen in certain areas as well.

This week has brought us a completely different season, as so far temperatures have been uncomfortably hot. After setting our A/C back up for the "surprise summer" we never asked for, Canada was suddenly hit with rain in some areas across the country.  

Although you may have thought this was great since it's breaking the heat, we now have freezing rain in the forecast across eastern Canada and it's look pretty bad right about now.

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Ontario and Quebec are currently the most affected by the horrible weather that will be bringing a mix of snow, ice pellets, strong winds and freezing cold rain today and through the night.

It's going to get so bad, up to 15cm of snow and ice pellets are expected to fall in certain areas. So, this may be the perfect day to stay home and avoid the outdoors as much as possible.


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