10 Montreal Date Ideas For Couples Who Are Super Competitive

You know who you are.
10 Montreal Date Ideas For Couples Who Are Super Competitive

I have a problem, and it's the constant need to win. Personally, I think of it as a positive trait, because my inherently competitive nature drives me to complete goals others would have cast aside/not bothered with, but ask my boyfriend and he might tell a different story.

Me and my man get along great, but as soon as something to win at comes up, I go into beast mode and can't resist the urge to dominate. No doubt if you clicked on this article then you (or your SO) share a similar mindset when it comes to winning.

If you do, then have I got some great date ideas for you. Some are a bit more laid back, others a bit more physically involved, with a light sprinkling of nerdy stuff in the mix.

And if any arguments arise from these activities, just make sure to end the night with a romantic kiss, because your relationship means more than some silly game, after all.

Duke It Out With A Round Of Mini-Putt At Putting Edge

1259 Guy

Mini-putt is only as laid back as you make, and when you're in a competitive couple, the game can get pretty agressive. I've had enough arguments about whether or not I got par on a hole to prove it. Oh, and remember to wear bright colours that will look extra-cool in the black light, and don't wear dark colours unless you've properly lint-rolled that outfit. Poor laundry skills never looks good.

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Crush Your Date At Old School Video Games At Foonzo

1245 Drummond

Nothing is more satisfying than crushing your SO at a video game they think they're amazing at. Truly, it's one of the best feelings in the world, and the act will only win you major points after you break that stereotype they have of you where you're bad at video games, which was constructed for Lord knows what reason (probably because you're too pretty). And if Foonzo isn't your jam, you can always compete video game-style at any of these Montreal bars.

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Shoot Each Other For Points At Laser Quest

1226 Saint Catherine

What used to be the spot for birthdays when you were eight is now a pretty legit date spot for you and your SO. Grab a few beers at a nearby bar, trash talk a bit, then let the lasers fly as you try to beat each others score. Or, you know, you could work as a team, if you actually want to cooperate.

And if you want to add a layer of class to the affair, wear a suit jacket while playing, thus making it Blazer Tag.

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Land A Strike At The Montreal Forum

2313 Rue St-Catherine Ouest

Definitely more difficult than people give it credit for, bowling can be a great way to simultaneously let off some steam (die pins, die!) and create some healthy competition between you and your date. Personally, I think the Montreal Forum is the best spot, since it's a little less busy and thus more intimate, without sacrificing access to alcohol. Or you could go to Sharx or any of the other bowling alleys in Montreal.

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Test Your Trigger Fingers At Arnold Paintball

8132 Jean-Brillon

For folks who are way too hardcore for laser tag, then get your war-game on at Arnold's indoor paintball. Play on separate teams or take on everyone else together, either way, your adrenaline will get pumping in the best way.

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Beat 'Em At A Board Game At Randolph's Pub Ludique

2041 Saint Denis

Name a board game, Randolph has it, so if you two are table-top-types, then look no further. Just don't play Monopoly, it always ends badly.

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Go For A Game Of Ping Pong At HELM

273 Bernard

On Sunday to Tuesday nights, HELM, Bernard street's beloved microbrewery, turns into a veritable ping pong bar where you and your SO can let the paddles swing. There is the option of going to Ping Pong Club down the street, but that place has a single table, which definitely makes me question why they're named after the game at all.

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Show Off Your Smarts At A McKibbin’s Trivia Night

1426 Rue Bishop

Work together to crush the competition or try and see how well you do on your own (and thus prove you're smarter than your SO) every Monday for McKibbin’s Trivia Night. The first round starts at 8pm and there's a second at 10pm if that's a tad early for you. Also be sure to try out Brutopia's trivia night too, also on Mondays, or any of these others that happen around the city.

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Get That High Score At Montreal's Pinball Bar North Stae

3908 Saint Laurent

In operation for the last couple of months, North Star is Montreal's first-ever pinball bar, with a collection of machines from the 40s to the 80s available for you to play. Grab a beer and some piastres (the coins used at the bar) and see if who can get the highest score.

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Rev Your Engines At Action 500 Go-Karting

5592 Hochelaga

Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Action 500 lets you feel the need for speed anytime the two of you are itching for a good race. Because, lets be honest, sometimes Mario Kart just doesn't cut it. Action 500 also has a paintball facility as well, if you want a double feature of competitive realness.

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Bonus: Have A Shot Taking/Beer Chugging Competition

Everybody wins.

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