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Dave Chappelle`s Montreal Just For Laughs Performance Now On The Radio

SiriusXM to showcase best of Just For Laughs.
Dave Chappelle`s Montreal Just For Laughs Performance Now On The Radio

Sad you missed out on JFL this year? Sad you missed out last year, and the 28 previous years too? Well time to stop frowning and get laughing because SiriusXM is set to release a comedy channel showcasing JFL's talent from the last 30 years the festival has been running in Montreal. Larger than ever, JFL has spread to Toronto and Chicago, which the new channel will also feature.

Greatly expanding its comedic programming, SiriusXM aims to release the JFL channel this Thursday September 26th. It will be available on newer Sirius radios as well as the company's internet app. JFL content will also be featured in hour long segments on Sirius' Raw Dog Comedy at 9pm. Raw Dog will also broadcast coverage of JFL events when they occur, as will the JFL-specific channel.

Expect to hear comedic giants like Dave Chappelle, Dane Cook, Sarah Silverman, and the many others who graced Montreal this past summer, all in on one convenient channel.

Excited to hear your favourite comics on the go? Think this will add to JFL's growing popularity, or make it easier for people not to attend the actual festival since they have it on their radio? Post your pondering in the comments below.

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