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Free Tea on Halloween From DAVIDsTEA

You can get yourself some free tea for Halloween this year at DAVIDsTEA locations in Montreal and across Canada.

If you haven't already gone to the store to buy yourself a private stash of Halloween candy... I commend you. Perhaps you are regularly a healthy person, can't relate. But kudos!

Whether or not you drink tea because of its many health benefits, or you just like the soothing feeling of a warm cup of tea in your hands, the good news is you can get some free tea this week at DAVIDsTEA stores across Montreal.

Yes, the shop synonymous with amazing tea has decided to get festive and spooky by giving away a free Tea of the Day to anyone that comes into the store wearing a costume on Halloween, this Thursday, October 31. (That's tomorrow!)

In addition to giving out their one Tea of the Day to anyone who dresses up and stops by, DAVIDsTEA also has a pretty sweet selection of seasonal and spooky teas, which you can see in-store, give a sniff or try and sample and if it's a hit, take some home with you.

Take a look below at the seasonal teas they have available right now as well as specifics around getting a free tea on Halloween!

The reali-tea is that most of us are too old for trick-or-treating, which means Halloween can sometimes end up being a sad and candy-less affair. Boring.

Luckily for us, DAVIDsTEA is willing to step up to the plate and offer us adults something equally delicious but also infinitely better for you. 

All you need to do is show up in costume to your local DAVIDsTEA location (find yours at the link below) and they will present you with a free Tea of the Day.

Pretty much exactly like trick-or-treating, minus the doorbell ringing and pillowcase holding.

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In terms of seasonal teas, DAVIDsTEA is currently serving up three "hauntingly delicious" teas as part of their Halloween collection.

And as per usual, the names are everything.

They have the fan-fave Rooibos "Monster Mash," as well as two brand-new teas called "Forbidden Root," also a Rooibos, and "Deep Purple," a black tea. The seasonal fruit infusion tea is called "Magic Potion." These are all limited edition for this season only.

Online exclusives include an herbal infusion called "Eye of Newt," and a black tea called "Organic Stormy Night."

Essentially, there's a little bit of something for everyone.

And if you noticed the purple cocktail-looking drink above and wondered... is that a cocktail? Well, it is!

If you head to DAVIDsTEA's Instagram page here, you can see they have a whole story section named "Cocktails" that will give you tips and tricks on how to turn some of their classic teas into scrumptious cocktails.

To find your local DAVIDsTEA location, head to their website right here

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