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Dead Rats Are Being Discovered All Over Montreal's Lachine Canal

This is disgusting!
Dead Rats Are Being Discovered All Over Montreal's Lachine Canal

Montreal has it's fare share of critters roaming the city. At times they're pretty interesting to find, like the sheep found in Rosemont parc over the weekend and the herd of deer in Anjou last week. Sometimes they're a little concerning, like the coyotes that have been attacking children in Montreal lately. And sometimes, well... they're just gross.

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That's the case with all the rats that have been popping up lately in Lachine Canal. Apparently they're as bountiful as squirrels. No one knows how they got there, and no one knows how to make them go away. It's truly a living nightmare. Residents think the problem is all of the food containers and garbage that litter the area which end up attracting the rats. 

It gets worse though, most of the time the rats are found dead, usually in a squashed state from being run over by the bikes on the bike along the canal. Remember, it's not just one or two rats people are finding. These critters are invading the area!

Parks Canada actually owns the land along the Lachine Canal, and they think what started this whole rat infestation in the area is the intense heatwaves Montreal has had all Summer long. It's expected the rats will leave around Autumn but for now Summer definitely isn't over yet and more heatwaves are to come.

It looks like these rats won't be going anywhere anytime soon. 


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