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Deadly Floods Are So Bad In Quebec The Army Has Been Deployed

Evacuations are happening across the province.
Deadly Floods Are So Bad In Quebec The Army Has Been Deployed

While Montreal seems to be safe from flooding, for now, other parts of Quebec are suffering from serious amounts of water. Evacuations are ongoing in several parts of the province and the military has been brought in to help with implementing sandbags. 

Sadly the floods have already taken a life. A road was washed out just outside Ottawa, causing a 70-year-old woman in Pontiac to lose control and drive into the massive hole the flood had created where the road once was.

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TL;DR As flood waters continue to rise across the province, one woman has already lost her life due to a washed out road. The Canadian Armed Forces have been deployed to several towns, including Laval, to help mitigate the intense flooding.

Comparisons between this year and the terrible floods of 2017 have already begun. 

While in 2017 there was no choice but to take a boat out of most flooded areas, this year some people have been able to evacuate on foot or by car. 

Laval and the West Island are seeing an increase in floodwaters this morning, as well.

This is in addition to the Outaouais region, Val-des-Monts and Saint-André-Avellin that declared a state of emergency which went into effect on Friday.

As I mentioned above, the Canadian Armed Forces are present in Beauceville and Laval. Even as rain has stopped, melting snow will continue to contribute to the rising waters across the province and into New Brunswick. 

The Red Cross is also jumping in to do their share to help out people across Quebec.

While Montreal seems out of danger for now, authorities are keeping a close eye on the city to ensure that we are prepared if the water starts to arrive.

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