Deadly Wildfires Are Raging In Canada's West Coast Right Now (Video)

Evacuations have been ordered.
Deadly Wildfires Are Raging In Canada's West Coast Right Now (Video)

Parts of British Columbia recently experienced massive and violent lightning storms where nearly 1,000 lightning strikes beat down over the Okanagan Valley and were then followed by several days of dry and intense heat. 

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This proved to be a deadly combo, as two major wildfires sparked, and several smaller ones continue to grow rapidly following the lightning storm. 

The Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen declared a state of local emergency and has ordered evacuations for several properties and campgrounds in the area.

There is a second wildfire blazing close by and a second evacuation alert has been in effect in this area as well. Another blaze is burning across Okanagan Lake, in Okanagan Mountain Provincial Park just outside Kelowna. 

In total, about three dozen fires sparked following the lightning storms. People are uploading videos to Youtube like crazy, and the fires look terrifying. Once you see these videos you will understand why the province has declared a state of emergency.

We hope that everyone in the region stays safe and if you have family members out west, don't forget to check up to see if they are OK.

For more information on the exact locations of fires, click HERE.

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