Pizza pizza is offering 50% off all of its regular priced pizzas this week. This is great news for everyone looking to treat themselves to warm, gooey, cheesy deliciousness this week.

The deal is available Canada-wide starting today. You can take advantage of the 50% discount until Sunday, June 23. That's right: 50% off Sunday night 'za. 

Just don't forget to order online or by telephone: it's not valid in-store. This shouldn't be a problem for those of us feeling particularly lazy (or hungover) this week.

Pizza Pizza states that "this deal is only applicable with delivery orders placed online or telephone — simply configure your pizza and enter (or mention) the promo code 50off during your checkout to activate your savings!"

This weekend, skip the 2-chow and treat yourself to a good late-night snack. Thanks to the discount, you can buy extra and have cold pizza for breakfast (there's no better hangover cure).

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Better yet, buy a couple of pizzas and bring them to the park to share with friends. Not only will you get to eat delicious pizza, but you'll be your group's hero.

The deal is only available on regular-price pizzas, and it excludes cauliflower, fresco, gluten-free, party, personal and twin pizzas.

Pizza Pizza also put a cap of three pizzas per order. Make sure you remember this to avoid any unfortunate surprises at checkout: ordering 15 pizzas is unfortunately out of the question.

You can use this link to find the Pizza Pizza closest to you.

Everything you need to know:

What: 50% off regular-price pizzas.

Where: Pizza Pizzas across Canada.

When: From now until June 23rd.

How: By putting in the code "50off" online or mentioning it over the phone.

Find out more here.

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