The excitement of Friday comes with many things; two uninterrupted days off of work or school and two nights to not have to worry about dragging yourself out of bed at an hour that should be reserved for those that hunt for their food. But this particular weekend brings with it something even better. Something that won't cost you a penny and will leave your tastebuds in overwhelming ecstasy. This weekend, and this weekend only, there are free brownies to be had. These aren't just any brownies, though. These brownies from Montreal's Juliette & Chocolat are their latest excessive and rather delicious creation, the crème brûlée brownie.

Yes, the dessert restaurant has opened its arms to welcome brownie lovers from around Montreal to grab a free brownie for three days this month.

Starting today (get your shoes on), February 7 (leave your wallet at home) all the way to February 9 (no need to rush), you can treat yourself to a decadent tasting sweet from the Juliette & Chocolat Plateau or Outremont locations. 

It's like a Christmas miracle but in February — which, let's be honest, is when we need it most. 

It has been specified that there is only one brownie per person. So hedge your bets and bring someone that doesn't love desserts — though why you would know someone like that is questionable — to get yourself an extra sample. 

This crème brûlée brownie is exactly what you picture, but perhaps even more mouth-watering. Not only is there the classic custard base and caramelized sugar-hardened top, but it all also rests happily on a dark chocolate brownie cloud bottom. 

These brownies are so new they aren't even on the website yet. Ordinarily, they sell for $5.25, and yet for the weekend, you can taste them for as little as zero dollars. Which is the best price tag of all. 

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Albeit, this may be a giant ruse to bring chocolate hungry patrons to the stores in order to show off the store's latest Valentine’s Day-themed collections. But there are few complaints here. 

Plus, the limited-edition Valentine's Day options come with some rather cute options like ganache hearts, edible lipsticks, and bite-size penguin and bear lollipops. 

As with most free giveaways, it is only applicable while supplies last. So first come, first serve. 

And do keep in mind that this offer is only available at the Plateau and Outremont locations; you can find the addresses below. 

Free Crème Brûlée Brownies At Juliette & Chocolat This Weekend Only

Where: Two participating locations

377 Laurier O. Ave.

3600 Saint-Laurent Blvd.

When: February 7 through 9, 2020

Cost: Free!


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