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You Can Stay At Canada's Iconic "Ice Hotel" For 50% Off This Winter

Off the charts romantic winter get-away.

Just outside of Quebec City at Village Vacances Valcartier lies one of the most unique hotels, not only in Canada, but in the world.

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TL;DR Check out this limited-quantity Groupon deal to stay at Quebec's iconic "ice hotel" for only $349/night. This is a $500 saving from the normal nightly rate.

Quebec's "Hotel De Glace" or Ice Hotel is an iconic struture in Quebec; people travel from all over the world to stay in this ephemeral work of art.

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It's the only ice hotel of its kind in all of North America. As you can imagine, a night in the ice hotel is not cheap. 

Lucky for you, Groupon is offering a deal to stay at the iconic Hotel De Glace for 50% off this winter!

For only $349 you get a 1-night stay for two people at the hotel. This includes sleeping bags, cocktails, and also access to the Nordic spa hot tub and saunas on site. How romantic!

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$349 is still quite high, but considering the normal value of a one-night stay hovers around $850, you're actually saving about $500 with this Groupon deal.

Get a hold of this deal now before they sell out! Check out the official Groupon page HERE!


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