Dear California, Oregon & Washington, Canada Invites You To Join Our Country

USC, USC, USC!!! United States of Canada!!!
Dear California, Oregon & Washington, Canada Invites You To Join Our Country

Ever since trump got elected, a lot of Americans are freaking out, especially in California.

But there's one problem. All those people who claimed they wanted to move to Canada didn't actually think Trump would win. And now that he has, they're changing their tune.

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They still want to leave the United States, but they want to take California with them.

It's being dubbed the Calexit, the idea is for California to break away from the US so they could become an independent country. After all, if Californian was a country, it would have the sixth largest economy in the world, so it's not the craziest idea.

But another idea is being floated around.

California wasn't the only state considering an option like this one. Oregon and Washington are also interested in seceding

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In fact, a group in Oregon has filed the Oregon Secession act. And one section on of the act has a very interesting proposal.

They shall seek secession alone or in conjunction with other states and Canadian provinces

So the proposal is for California, Washington, Hawaii, Nevada and Alaska to break away form the united and become a part of Canada.

Could you imagine?!

We would get all the Hollywood celebrities, a tropical paradise with Hawaii, and we would get Las Vegas... Las, Fuckin', Vegas!

This could actually be the perfect solution, and according to Metro UK, there’s a chance it could happen.

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