The Consequences Of Having A "Man Bun"

You don't want this to happen to you.
The Consequences Of Having A "Man Bun"

Hipsters, bros, and even punks; no category of men's cultural groups and styles have been safe from the "man bun." A pretty self-explanatory hairstyle you've probably seen everywhere on the streets of Montreal, either to your joy or chagrin, man buns have become a cultural icon of hipster-y douchiness. Ladies and dudes alike seem to love the artsy vibe endowed by a man bun, but for all the man bun-haters out there like me, this may be the answer to our prayers that could end the man bun epidemic: the hairstyle can make men go bald.

According to dermatologist Sabra Sullivan, who spoke to Science.Mic, the man bun has created an increase in cases of "traction alopecia," a baldness-condition caused by hairstyles that pull one's hair tight for extended period of times. Specifically, traction alopecia "causes acute baldness around the forehead and temples," and Sullivan has been getting one to two cases every week, all because of the man bun.

As Sullivan explains, the man bun puts a lot of stress on a dude's hair follicles, more than they're meant to take. The result of all that hair tugging leads to hair "follicle death plus permanent scarring." So, even though you might think your man bun makes you look all trendy and cool, rest not-so-easy knowing it might be actively making you bald.

Of course, sporting a man bun won't make traction alopecia a certain reality, but it sure doesn't help. Sullivan advises any man-bunners to "not pull so tight [because] you don't want to have to go for hair transplants later." Or, you know, play it safe and just do away with the man bun entirely, because trust this dude who likes dude, you're prettier with your hair down anyway.