Dear Montreal Spring 2016, We Need To Break Up

It's not you, it's me... well, actually, it's summer.
Dear Montreal Spring 2016, We Need To Break Up

Oh Spring, you've gone and done it again. You've gotten my hopes way, way up there - and then, mercilessly, shattered them into a million sharp, icy fragments. Spring, I'm sorry, but it's time we break up.

I understand that the weather in Montreal can't make up its mind. I get that sometimes we have snowy Octobers and rainy January days. It's chill. It's fine. But what you're doing is truly heartless, Spring, and I can't stand for it anymore. I deserve better. We all do.

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First of all, you've changed - and not for the better. There was a time when I could call you my favourite season, but not anymore. Now you're just cold and indecisive, and although I know that one day you might be your old bright, cheerful self again, I just can't keep waiting around for that. I mean, sure, you've been showing signs of improvement, but I don't feel comfortable trusting you again. 

And okay, maybe I can understand your sudden cold disposition, but was the snow really necessary? At least in the cold we could still take walks, go out, and enjoy ourselves. But in the snow? You can't do any of that. Going clubbing in heels is really difficult when your toes are covered in surprise snow, it turns out, but did you even think of that? No. You didn't.

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It's also kind of hard to get anywhere when you're being like this. Driving is a hassle. Walking outside is a hassle. Taking the bus is a hassle. Biking is a hassle. Which would be fine if Montrealers were still with that douchebag, winter - but winter's been out of our lives for a while now. We've paid our dues. So just exactly what kind of fuckery is this?

At the end of the day, you're making me a little sick, spring. So I think it's time we end things now before you get colder and I get even more disappointed. Let's just both agree to move on, okay?

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If I'm being really honest, I have already moved on.

Spring, I'm over you. Summer's my bae now. Sorry not sorry.

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