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December Holiday Style Guide

Because each celebration deserves its own outfit.
December Holiday Style Guide

Whether you're in the process of perfecting your eggnog recipe, lighting the seventh Hanukkah candle, or crafting your Bendera, the month of December is without a doubt, the most festive time for all. But Christmas trees and dreidels aside, having an outfit that is fit for one or every  holiday is essential. Holiday celebrations are full of joy and bliss, and the expression of those feelings can easily be translated into what you wear.

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(1) Christmas Eve With The Family

Whether your family gatherings are casual or fancy, you'll want to ensure maximum comfort from your Christmas Eve ensemble. For some, Christmas Eve is the most exciting night of the year, so be sure to wear something festive during the celebration. No matter how glamorous or informal your gatherings are, be sure to keep the huge feast that follows in mind . After stuffing your face with roast turkey, tourtière, trifle, and apple cider, left over eggnog will still be an option. When choosing the perfect outfit for Christmas Eve, think festive colors, comfort, and an elastic waistband.

(2) Christmas Day

Whilst opening presents and arduously trying to speed up the digestion of last night's feast, in preparation for Christmas brunch, sweatpants and old knit sweaters never seemed more fitting. Lounging at home on Christmas day begs for any and all comfy, warming, and cuddle worthy fabrics. Think sweatpants, pajama pants, hoodies, onesies, and maybe Grandma's knit sweater that she hopes you'll wear this year.

(3) Hanukkah

Which ever one of the eight nights of Hanukkah you celebrate, noshing on over ten latkes and fifteen dollars worth of chocolate money is a tradition that your belly can never resist. The celebration of Hanukkah doesn't entail any special attire, though a roomy pair of pants are recommended. If you're feeling extra excited about this celebration, show it by sporting some blue and white colors, a hint of Yiddish words written across your chest is bound impress your peers.

(4) Kwanzaa

If you celebrate Kwanzaa and you're a woman, then you probably already have your buba dry cleaned and ready to go! If you're a man, then the same goes with your kanza. For those who are unfamiliar with Kwanzaa attire, it's the one holiday that actually promotes traditional African clothing. As well, it is customary to wear the colors of red, green and black in honor of the African ancestors.

(5) The Office Christmas Party

For most, the office party is the best gathering after the one they celebrate with their families. Getting together with all of your co-workers at a high class restaurant means salary bonuses and getting to see your boss more wasted than any 5 a 7 he's been at before. What you wear to your office Christmas party is actually quite important. It's how your co-workers will perceive you to appear "outside of work". If you're a man, think about wearing a classy dress shirt, and perhaps a suit. For the ladies, keep it professional, and be sure to add some sexy to your ensemble. You'll want to still appear professional outside of work, with an edge of appeal. Show a bit more skin than you normally would at the office, it is a party after all.

(6) New Years Eve

They say that the way you spend the first night of the new year is an indicator of how you'll enjoy the next 364 days. That means this night needs to be perfect. Not only should you yearn to be surrounded by your closest friends, drinking your favorite liquor, but you should also strive to look your very best. In celebration of a brand new year and the turnover of an immense leaf, New Years Eve should be spent in your most fabulous outfit. That doesn't mean you should spend hundreds of dollars on fancy attire and drown yourself in sparkles, unless you want too. It means you should dress in a way that makes you feel best. Whether you feel happiest in glitter and gold, your pajamas or your favorite sweater, your New Years outfit should reflect the way you hope to see the future unfold.

(7) New Years Day

No matter what our suggestions entail in terms of this day's attire, the truth is, you probably won't even care. If you manage to make it back to your own house before the sun comes up, think about throwing on an old pair of pajamas- something that's hangover nursing friendly. And if you end up somewhere else, you'll probably be spending New Years morning in last night's outfit, if that's still around.

Did we miss any of your favorite essential holiday wardrobe tips? Let us know with your comments!

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