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December Is Eggnog, Chocolate, Hamburger And Sangria Month

Food holidays, other than xmas, December has to offer your taste buds..
December Is Eggnog, Chocolate, Hamburger And Sangria Month

With a new month comes a whole slew of new food holidays, and December is looking to be quite the delectable 31 days. Don't spend the month pining for your Christmas dinner; enjoy December's monthly and daily food celebrations to get you through the month. Enjoy eggnog and fruitcake guilt free the entire month, as December is Fruit Cake and Eggnog Month, no surprise given the holiday season. A perfect combo to eat and sip on holiday flavours.

Creamy beverages and boozey cake not to your taste bud's liking? Check out these daily occasions to 'nom and fully enjoy December's eating pleasures.

December 3: National Peppermint Latte Day

Head over to your nearest Starbucks and get sipping on a classic-caffeinated holiday beverage. Or get out of your coffee comfort zone and try an independently owned coffee shop.

December 4: National Cookie Day

Take a day to fully enjoy all of the cookies of the holiday season. Bake your own or just nab them at the store, just be sure to eat all of the best varieties. Look to MTL Blog's guide on holiday baking as a reference.

December 5: National Comfort Food Day

Need a cozy meal to get your through the cold winter days? Take the 5th to enjoy all of your homey favourites, like the creamy goodness of Chicken Pot Pie.

December 6:National Gazpacho Day & Microwave Day

Feel free to get a little lazy on the 6th and enjoy a no-cook gazpacho soup and the ease of making meals in the microwave. For some microwave fun, try a cup-brownie.

December 10: National Lager Day

A day dedicated to beer? I don't even have to sell this one.

December 11: National “Have a Bagel” Day

Perfect for Montrealers, feats on the city's great circular dough and be reminded of its superiority over the NYC variety.

December 16: National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

Time to bust out the fondue fountain and get creative. Because when we say chocolate covered anything, we mean anything.

December 20: National Sangria Day

Summer may be long gone, but you can't drink like its still warm out. Check out MTL Blog's best spots for sangria in Montreal, just avoid patios at all costs.

December 21st: National French Fried Shrimp & Hamburger Day

Switch up the classic combo and have a hamburger with french fried shrimp as a side. Anyone who calls you gluttonous is just being a food holiday scrooge.

December 25: National Pumpkin Pie & “Kiss the Cook” Day

Christmas? Pshhh. Use the 25th to the fullest and mack on pumpkin pie before it goes out of season, and steal some smooches from your sexiest chef.

December 28: National Chocolate Day

Here we go people. The chocalte doesn't have to be melted anymore, as you're free to enjoy anything chocolate-related on the 28th. Go nuts, but be wary, as the next day is...

December 29: National “Get on the Scales” Day

Otherwise known as the day you check your weight after a month of holiday eating...with grim results. Keep in mind that your eating mistakes are behind you, and just focus on your inevitable New Year's resolution to hit the gym more.

Check out the full list of food holidays at Foodimentary, and tell us your most anticipated food holiday in the comments below!

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