Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Oreos Are The Most Decadent Dessert Ever Created

Get ready foodgasm and foodporn lovers alike, because we've just uncovered the most decadent dessert ever created. It completely redefines indulgence and straight-up gives the middle finger to moderation. And now I would proudly like to introduce The Bacon Fried Oreo cookie.

When I first heard that wonderful word combination I thought they meant, that these were just regular old Fried Oreos deep fried in bacon fat for flavor, but when I saw the picture my jaw dropped to the floor

These legendary mini cream and cookie sandwiches have been entirely wrapped in bacon and deep fried for a double dose of awesomeness. Only problem now is figuring out if I should dip them in milk or ketchup. Both options seem unnecessary at this point and frankly a little gross, but it's not like these cookies need any company, they're perfect just the way they are.

Photo cred - ohbiteit

Making them is simple enough. you just need a deep fryer, your favorite Oreos and some bacon strips. Wrap your Oreos up in bacon and make sure to wrap them well because you don't want all the Oreo cream to spill out. Then pop 'em into the deep fryer 2 at a time until the bacon gets crispy and enjoy!

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