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Denis Coderre Wants Elevated Parking Lots In Montreal

Watch out for falling cars.
Denis Coderre Wants Elevated Parking Lots In Montreal

A new type of parking may be on its way in Montreal, at least if Denis Coderre's fanciful wishes are fulfilled.

During a trip to New York City last week, Montreal's mayor came across one of the NYC's newly installed 'elevated parking lots' where cars are literally stacked on top of each other using a hydraulic's system.

Inspired, Coderre tweeted:


— DenisCoderre (@DenisCoderre) April 16, 2014

Elevated (or Stacked) parking requires a deep hole to be excavated where the parking lot will be, with a complex hydraulic system inserted that has individual slots for cars and vehicles to be placed in, then vertically stacked on top of each other.

A long construction process, but the parking-system does save on space and offer more parking to the public, something Montreal can definitely use.

There are some inherent issues with elevated parking, as this blog post and the picture below will demonstrate. Stacking cars is like a game of Jenga, it's fun until everything falls down.

Hopefully the kinks in elevated parking, and any potential falling-cars-of-death, will be worked out if Montreal ever adopts the system.

Do you want elevated parking in Montreal?

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