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Deville Dinerbar, your new juicy burger fix

Deville Dinerbar, your new juicy burger fix

Oh, Montreal. There is something about this city when it starts to get warmer and the patios and taps start flowing. It has been an incredibly beautiful week outside in our city and many people have already been taking advantage of this. So have restaurant and bar patrons, seeing an extra flow of customers flying through their doors to land a spot on their sun kissed patios. In a vibrant city like ours with an abundance of amazing restaurants, there is so much to choose from in any category.

So it was dinner time and I was craving a nice thick juicy burger. Many friends have been going on and on about Deville Dinerbar on Stanley in the downtown core. I was a bit skeptical at first because I usually steer closer to The Plateau or Mile End to satisfy my burger fixes and hadn't really thought about going into the city for them. So we gave Deville Dinerbar a chance with some high expectations.

My first impressions while walking into this “Diner” was how great it looked inside. The décor and high ceilings really made this place look and feel like you were in a modern 21’st century diner, especially how they played homage to the old fashioned diners with the bar looking like a “lunch counter” a la Schwartz smoked meat delicatessen.

We sat down after waiting for 20 minutes and quickly ordered our food. There were lots of great looking dishes on the menu, from pastas to seafood to salads. Since I was craving something beefy, I chose to go with The Fat Cat Burger. This burger was everything I imagined and more. It had two thick beef patties well done topped with delicious Pulled BBQ Pork Ribs, melted Aged White Cheddar, lettuce, toms, grilled red onions and Root Beer BBQ Mayo. All between two fluffy toasted Brioche buns. Truly Burger porn worthy. This burger was huge so I removed the thick tomato slices so the burger would be easier to eat. The somewhat sweet and bold Pulled BBQ Pork Ribs inside the burger really made sense. It was complimented by the tangy grilled red onions and salty Root Beer BBQ Mayo. The beef patties were cooked perfectly and flavored well but could have used a little more seasoning and/or salt. Oh and the warm brioche buns were delicious. All in all, a great combination of flavors that blended in nicely together. I love that more and more burger spots are using brioche buns instead of boring old stale ham buns. Good move on you! My side of julienne cut fries was outstanding. Seasoned to perfection and definitely did not go to waste.

We also ordered The Lobster BLTA. Now this sandwich is one of the most popular dishes on the menu. So we had to try it out and see for ourselves. We were not disappointed! The fresh New England lobster was dressed into a lobster salad. The lobster salad was topped with crunchy salty bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado and purple mustard. All between two delish Brioche buns. The sweet lobster salad was magnificent. Well-cooked, seasoned and went really well with the salty bacon. The avocado was a nice touch to this BLTA and paired well with the whole Lobster BLTA. Over all this is a must try at Deville’s.

I had a pretty fun experience dining at this trendy downtown Montreal eatery. The staff looked great. The service was courteous and quick. I will definitely be going back whenever I need my meat in bun fix. I mean, who doesn’t like a delicious juicy burger? Not me!

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