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Diablos BBQ 'Cheesus Burger' And M:brgr's 'Zak Attack' Were Epic Burger Masterpieces

Two magnificent creations that were the stars of Le Burger Week.
Diablos BBQ 'Cheesus Burger' And M:brgr's 'Zak Attack' Were Epic Burger Masterpieces

Le Burger Week is  done, but that doesn't mean you can't revel in some tasty memories. Some venues pulled out all of the stops and have made some meaty creations that will blow your mind and taste buds. Check out Diablos BBQ and M:Brgr's Le Burger Week entries below to see what I'm talking about.

Diablos BBQ: The Cheesus Burger

Imagine a burger without a bread bun. No, not that low carb bullshit, I'm talking a burger where the bun is replaced with, wait for it, cheese! That's right. Diablos' burger isn't called 'The Cheesus' for nothing. How do they accomplish this cheesy miracle? Diablos uses baked haloumi cheese, a Greek variety which is super firm, doesn't melt, and can hold in a burger with all the fixings. In between is a chicken fried triple A beef patty, white wine cream cheese and sour cream cheese sauces, bacon for crunch, and some smoked ketchup for added kick. I was a little worried that a burger with a cheese bun would be overly greasey/strongly flavoured and hard to handle, but my worries were unfounded. The haloumi cheese worked great as a bun, holding all of the tasty ingredients inside its bad self, while the cream cheese sauces balanced out the strong flavours. Needless to say this is a cheeseburger like you've never seen and it is no wonder Diablos claimed the top spot. Hopefully they'll keep the cheesus on the menu, so those of you who didn't get to experience this cheese-miracle will get a chane to say: praise cheesus!

M:brger's 'Zak Attack'

Ranking second in last year's competition, I expected for m:brgr to bring the heat, and my goodness did they ever. Inside a well sized bun, the Zak Attack is made up of a square mozzarella hashbrown (kind of like a fancy version of the ones at McDonalds, and much tastier), a triple A beef burger, pulled pork, cheese curds, a slice of tomato, and a specially made Zack sauce. All stacked together, this is one tall burger, and I wouldn't take anything out to make it shorter or less tasty. A solid amount of mozzarella is in the hashbrown, and inside the burger its like putting fries inside, something I personally love to do. The pulled pork adds some sweet smokiness and moisture, tieing together the cheese curds with the hashbrown and beef patty. Seemingly random ingredients synthesize into an awesome eating experience as the Zak Attack is yet another Burger Week win.

With the amont of flavour packed into both of these burgers, I sincerely hope that Diablos and M:brgr keep the Cheesus and Zak Attack around for a while longer, if not always. A burger lover can dream...

Did you try the Chessus or Zak Attack? Let us know your thoughts, or who you think should have won Burger Week in the comments below.

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