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Dic Ann's Free Burger Day

Possibly the best food-news ever.
Dic Ann's Free Burger Day

Get your hunger on, because Dic Ann's downtown Montreal location has released the best news of the year:

Today, Monday, May 5th will be Dic Ann's free burger day.

No matter the weather, the iconic Montreal burger joint will be flipping paddies and giving them out to the public, free of charge.

The epic event is being put on by the downtown Dic Ann's with the goal of cooking and serving a record breaking number of hamburgers in one hour. Dic Ann's last record was 1542 burgers all made in 60 minutes, and we can only hope they'll break this record's nose come May 5th.

We'll be offering our bellies to the cause, so be sure to get to the downtown location of Dic Ann's to be a part of burger history, and get free food, of course.

Photo cred - Koja

Make sure to get there early, because the burgers will only be free of charge for the hour Dic Ann's will be trying the break the record. Exact time to be determined. Rest assured, we'll let you know when we know.

Or maybe a little afterwards, because, come on, we want our free burgers before you. Sorry, but y'all would do the same.

Stay in the loop through Dic Ann's website and twitter feed.

Are you pumped for free Dic Ann's Burger Day

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