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Dic Anns Is A Succulent Montreal Gem

Dic Anns Is A Succulent Montreal Gem

If you still do not know about Dic Anns Hamburgers, you’ve probably been living under a rock…somewhere at the bottom of the St. Lawrence River. Dic Anns has been a Montreal institution since 1954 with one of their first locations still standing on Pie-IX Boulevard. With its classic diner look and feel, Dic Anns has been very popular with the locals and tourists alike. Boasting 13 restaurants in total and now a food-truck, Dic Anns Hamburgers ain’t slowing down anytime soon. So I gave their new Old Port food-truck a try and I have to say, they still got it!

Obviously I had to order a Dic Anns Original Hamburger. You cannot go there and not order one of these bad boys. Their burgers are very original in appearance. The 100% all beef patties are made very thin to match their equally thin and pressed hamburger buns. It is so thin that you’ll need a hamburger picker-upper (Popsicle stick) to remove the hamburger from your plate. What is interesting about the bread buns is that they are specially made just for Dic Anns restaurants. The buns are half baked by a local bakery and then sent to all Dic Anns restaurants where they continue the cooking process of the buns by pressing them on the grill with the patties. This gives all the hamburgers a crispy, toasty and delicious bun. I always get my hamburger all dressed with mustard, relish, onions and their famous sauce. Ask for a Hi-Boy if you’d like some toms and lettuce in there too. And all this is just 180 calories!

I also had the chance to try their poutine. They always use 100% peanut oil in their julienne cut fries because it gives them a unique taste and is 100% cholesterol free and Trans fat free. They topped it with a generous amount of shredded mozzarella and their famous spicy sauce. The famous sauce has been a top secret for decades and the folks over at Dic Anns are keeping a tight lip about it. I can’t blame them, this sauce is delicious and totally unique. The fries soak up the sauce and cheese and is out of this world. I will definitely be having this again.

If you can’t quite make it to the Old Port to try their food-truck, have no fear because Dic Anns has 13 other locations around Montreal. With a Marche Central location opening at the end of July 2013 and a St. Catherine Street West location opening in September 2013. So rejoice fellow students of downtown Montreal, you will soon be able to sink your teeth into delicious Dic Anns Hamburgers. Also look out for contests, promotions and special events Dic Anns will be throwing for their 60th Anniversary next year.

Dic Anns Old Port Food-truck Hours:


Thursday: 11-9

Fri-Sat: 11-1

Sunday: 11-9

*If weather permits*

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