Discover Montreal's Hidden 4 Seasons Outdoor Rooftop Pool

An urban oasis that is open all year round.
Discover Montreal's Hidden 4 Seasons Outdoor Rooftop Pool

Summer is coming, no matter what the weather or House Stark may say. And with summer comes extreme heat (the best and worst part) which you'll want to beat by kicking it by the pool.

Feel swanky (and not sweaty) by taking a dip in the coolest (pun intended) pool in Montreal: the rooftop pool at the Hilton Montreal Bonaventure.

Open all year round, heated, and a literal urban oasis, you can enjoy this hidden aquatic gem any season.

There is one catch, but we've got the solution.

The Problem: You need to rent out a room to gain access to the rooftop pool (dollah bills y'all)

The Solution: Rent a room for the day for $115. Split between 4 friends, you can have a full pool-day for a little over $25.

So yes, you can go get day drunk in your room, chill by the pool for hours and hours, and then leave the mess you made for room service to clean up. A sunny day perfectly spent.

Will you be chilling by the Hilton's rooftop pool?

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