Diseases From Mosquitos, Ticks And Fleas Have Tripled In Canada

Lyme disease jumped 84% in Montreal
Diseases From Mosquitos, Ticks And Fleas Have Tripled In Canada

Finally, summertime in Montreal has come... and it's come in major ways. Though the first day of summer was just last week, good old Mother Nature is about to slam Quebec with the season. 

It took a week into summer and Montreal is set to experience a record-setting heatwave with temperatures reaching the high 40s starting this weekend. 

Summer heat is something to be cautious about, as is blood sucking bugs that can make us sick! 

Diseases from the likes of ticks, mosquitos and even fleas have been on a major rise in North America.

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Quebec is already said to expect a higher than normal mosquito season, and the other week I already found a tick brought home by my pet. Not to mention, fleas are no stranger to Montreal. As a pet owner whose animals go outside often, fleas have been a long-time fear. 

Since 2004, diseases caught from bites of fleas, mosquitos, and ticks have more than tripled, according to the CDC! 


Now, sure a lot of these numbers are coming out of the U.S., but you know that Canada has a long-standing history of experiencing these issues, as well. 

While officials in Montreal are saying that our areas are of "low-risk", the number of Montreal residents infected with Lyme disease jumped 84% from 2016-2017. 

In Canada, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Quebec reported the highest incidence of cases in the country. These three provinces combined are responsible for 88% of all cases in Canada. 

On the Island of Montreal, alone, the number of Lyme disease cases nearly doubled in 2016. 


Now, I haven't even begun to talk about mosquitos! Just earlier this month two Asian Tiger Mosquitoes, known to be carriers of West Nile Zika viruses were captured and identified from a trap in Windsor, ON. 

This same species of mosquito was also found last summer from a trap in St-Armand, Quebec - close to the U.S. border. 

Environment Canada is already reporting a higher than average population of mosquitoes in Quebec this year. This is likely due to our up-and-down climate and weather we received throughout Spring. 

It won't be at all surprising to hear about mosquito-related illness in Quebec over the next coming months. 

Again, officials do report that for the area of Montreal the risk is fairly low. However, it is summer and most of us jump at any opportunity to get out of the city for a few days.

Heading down towards the U.S. border, parks around Quebec and Ontario and heavily forested areas are not as low-risk as the Island of Montreal. 

As far as flea-borne diseases go, Canada doesn't experience much of this. In recent years, however, the reported cases and possibilities of flea-related diseases has spiked in our country thanks to increased international travel. 

As Canada takes on the U.S. due to unfair tariffs, international travel is higher than ever with many Canadians boycotting the U.S. Though it is unlikely, it is not impossible. 

Diseases that can come from fleas can happen if your pet brings home the little suckers that are infected with the likes of Murine Typhus - most common in rats, which are not uncommon in Montreal, and either is fleas! 

Another common flea-related disease that actually occurs naturally in North America is Tularemia, and this one can potentially be very serious. 

This season in Montreal, I will be watching out for fleas and ticks. While we're told not to worry, I don't fully believe it. Bloodsucking bugs that make us sick freak me out. 

Be cautious, check your pets and kids as often as you can. Consult a vet or doctor if anything comes up... and stick with us, cause you know we'll tell you as soon as some scary illness is contracted here in the 514!

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