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Disney Is Offering Up To 35% Off Theme Parks And Cruise Tickets To Everyone In Canada

It's a good time to be Canadian, especially if you happen to be a fan of Disney. That's because the magical world of Walt Disney is now more accessible than ever before!

There are Disney Cruisesyou can board directly from Canadian ports, so you no longer have to fly somewhere else to be able to soak up some Disney magic. 

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But if you're willing to travel a little further, Disney has an awesome deal you may want to take advantage of. 

Right now you can get discounts of up to 35% off tickets to Disney theme parks.

Walt Disney World in Florida is offering over 30% off tickets when you stay 4 days or longer. And every additional day (up to 10 days) you add will make the price go down even more (35%+). 4 days will only cost $79 (USD) per day instead of $95 (USD), but if you buy 10 days, it'll only cost you 37.30$ (USD) per day! 

This offer is valid online or over the phone from now through March 15, 2019 (More details below)  

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Click here for more details. 

Disney Land is having an even better special offer exclusively for Canadian residents. When you buy 3 day tickets to the California theme park, it will only cost you $207 (USD) instead of $280 (USD). And if you buy 5 day tickets you save 35%!

This offer is valid online or over the phone from now through April 11, 2019. (More details below)  

Finally, Disney Cruises are offering a 25% discount to all Canadians on select 2018-2019 dates. 

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