Disney's All-New Streaming Service: Release Date, Monthly Price, TV Shows & Movies

Disney+ is coming for Netflix.
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Disney's All-New Streaming Service: Release Date, Monthly Price, TV Shows & Movies

For those of you that don't know, Disney is launching an all-new streaming service in late 2019. Disney+ is set to be a larger than life streaming service, with all your childhood nostalgia and happiness in one place. 

Today, we know exact details on what you can all expect from Disney+! And boy, we're super stoked on this. 

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TL;DR  We finally have details on what to expect from Disney+, Disney's all-new streaming service. Set to be launched in late-2019, this streaming service will be "Disney's biggest priority" according to CEO Bob Iger. Prepare to relive your childhood, folks! 

Following on the heels of their recent $71.3 billion dollar takeover of FOX and their removal of Marvel's Netflix shows, Disney is set to launch one of the world's largest and most complete catalogues of movies and shows.

Subscribers can expect favourites like the Marvel and Star Wars franchises, Disney Classics films, and more original programming and when you sign up, you can a Disney+ Canada trial free for the first 7 days! It'll also be the only streaming service that will host new Disney theatrical releases. 

What To Expect From Disney+

With monthly fees still unannounced, customers might experience some streaming service fee fatigue, but Disney+ is estimated to be super affordable compared to the other services. 

Disney+ will merge Hulu and ESPN+ into one streaming service, allowing customers incredible access to their range of services.

Hulu will host more adult-oriented content such as a planned R-rated animated Marvel series. Deadpool movies and more potential R-rated series will also be hosted on Hulu, along with favourites like Handmaid's Tale and Castle Rock.

Disney+ will focus on classic Disney fares such as brand-new family-oriented content, Star Wars, Pixar, and National Geographic. 

How much will it cost? 

Prices will officially be announced on April 11th. People are most nervous about this, but CEO Bob Igor expects that the service will cost less than Netflix. For now, they still haven't decided. 

What can I watch on Disney+?

Of course, Disney has a monopoly on your childhood with their classic animated films like Lion King and Little Mermaid, along with all your other favourites from Pixar and Marvel. Star Wars will also be prominently featured, with every film in the series available for your viewing pleasure. 

Disney+ will also release the entire contents of the Disney Vaults, unleashing original favourites and classic cartoons that you might discover for the first time. Also, there will be a treasure trove of original content. 

Disney has plans to release a new Star Wars series based off Rogue One, with Diego Luna reprising his role as Cassian. There will be yet another Star Wars series directed by Jon Favreau.

Also confirmed is a new Marvel series that is based on Loki, with Tom Hiddleston reprising the character for the small screen. More original Marvel content is in the works. A series based around Elizabeth Olson's The Scarlet Witch, a "buddy cop" kind of series with Bucky Barnes and Falcon, and even an "alternate timeline" Marvel series that will include your favourite superheroes. 

The streaming service is also planning a slew of original series based around some Pixar and Disney characters, with a confirmed Monsters Inc. series in the works. 

MTL Blog will release more updates as they come.

Stay tuned for updates on April 11th! 

What are you most excited about with Disney's new streaming service? 


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