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DJ Joe Mesmar Talks Music, Montreal, And Poutine

An exclusive interview with a rising star in the Montreal music scene.
DJ Joe Mesmar Talks Music, Montreal, And Poutine

Montreal has always been one of the most cultural and artistic cities in Canada, so it should come as no surprise that we also boast a wide array of emerging artists, in every genre imaginable. 21 year old Joe Mesmar is one of them; resident DJ at Circus Afterhours, Mesmar's style includes Tech House, Deep House, and Techno.

Mesmar was just 19 years old when he began to DJ, and now, at age 21, he's released his first 3 EP’s, and puts all his free time towards his music. Joe began his career on YouTube, but grew quickly from there to live performances including spinning at Drip N’ Play here in Montreal, as well as the Beach Party Festival in NYC. You can now catch his podcast ‘Minds of Sin’ live every Saturday at 3pm right here and you can listen to his archives here.

The Montreal native recently took some time to answer some questions for MTL Blog on his career, his music, and, of course, this beautiful city we call home. Obviously, poutine was a must-have in our questions!

MTL BLOG: At only 21, how did you find time to put together 3 EP’s for release and continue to have a regular young-adult life?

JOE MESMAR: Well, the thing is that I love what i do, it’s a hobby that somehow is turning into a career. I’ve released 3 EPs and 4 more are coming on the way. When I get any free time from my already busy schedule I put it solely towards music, either production, mastering or mixing.

MB: If you could describe your music in ONE word, what would it be/why?

JM: Unified, because music makes people come together and they don't worry about anything in the world at that moment they just have fun and experience the sound

MB: What do you love most about being a musician in Montreal?

JM: Crazy nightlife! People in Montreal knows how to party like there is no tomorrow. It’s amazing! It’s literally ranked one of the top cities in nightlife!

MB: What other Montreal musicians/DJ’s/bands have inspired you so far in your career?

JM: Francis Belanger, a well known promoter @ Circus Afterhours who’s been there for over 25 years in the music scene. Francis has been giving me tips, insight and helping show me the direction I need to head.

MB: If you had to describe poutine to a complete Montreal outsider & make it sound good, how would you describe it (sorry, had to, MTL blog style!)

JM: it's a dish full of hot fries, with Cheese & Gravy as a topping. Speaking of a poutine…. Brb.

MB: What are three songs you have on repeat right now you’d like to share with readers?

JM: At the moment, I am mostly listening to:

1) Human Reason (Len Faki Remix) - Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick

2) Paco Ymar - Electromen (Giorgio Rusconi remix)

3) Alan Fitzpatrick - We Are Forever Young (Original Mix)

Don’t forget to check out Joe Mesmar's music below: