Do Not Walk On Peel Street Or You May Fall Through The Ground

Photo cred - Quan

Streets collapsing in on themselves is just so Montreal, and yet another downtown stretch of road may join the growing number of roads that have literally plummeted beneath the earth. Precautions are being taken however, so lets hope Peel street doesn't become the site of another sinkhole debacle.

According to La Presse, the City of Montreal has deemed Peel street to be at a "major risk of collapse." The disconcerting information was gleaned after an underground camera inspection found a 148-year-old water pipe to be structurally unsound and compromising the entire street.

A contract to rebuild the area of Peel street that may collapse (between Sainte Catherine and Sherbrooke) will be approved this morn, so expect to see a ton of orange cones in the downtown area from here on out. Traffic caused by construction is never cute, but it beats dropping through the street into the sewers, if only for the smell.