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Do You Have A Dog? This Montreal App Was Made For You

Dogs are pretty awesome. They're loyal, playful, cute, protective, honest, furry, and most importantly, are always there for you when you need them most. In return for all that undying devotion, your canine companion simply asks that you provide a few essentials to keep them healthy and happy. Plenty of exercise, nutritious meals, and of course, a whole bunch of TLC. But with everything else going on in our hectic lives, walking and feeding schedules can sometimes get pretty tricky.

DogSync is a Montreal-made app designed by dog-lovers for dog-owners looking for a little help keeping track of all their responsibilities, especially those shared among multiple people. With easy-to-use "badges" for the most common doggy tasks, DogSync helps groups of people who take care of a dog together, such as families or roommates, know exactly when the dog was last fed, or who last walked the dog.

Your “Pack” gets a barkification (notification) every time a task is completed, or you can send an “Ask” to request someone else in your pack to feed the dog when you're running late. DogSync is the first task management app for dog owners that does all the work for you. Log tasks, ask for help, and keep track of what has been done all with just a few taps.

Never forget to feed them again (or feed them twice!), plus DogSync gives you stats on how much each pack member is doing, so you know exactly whose turn it is to walk the dog this time. Now if only they could design an app that will take the dog out when it's -30...

Check out DogSync's website and download the iOS version here (Android version is coming soon).