The Free Montreal App That Actually Gets You A Doctor's Appointment

Seeing a medical professional, made easy.
The Free Montreal App That Actually Gets You A Doctor's Appointment

I hate going to the doctor in this city. No, it isn't because I have an irrational fear of stethoscopes or prostate exams (quite the opposite, actually), the driving force behind my detestation of finding medical care in Montreal is how damn long you have to wait just to see someone.

No matter if you're going to a walk-in clinic or the emergency room, you're going to spend hours just waiting around, hoping to see someone.

The gravity of your injury doesn't even matter, Montreal's doctors are so overwhelmed by appointments and patients that you basically need to set aside a day (or two) of your time if you want to get some medical help.

Enter DOCTR CHECK-IN, a Montreal-made app and web service that aims to take the hassle out of getting a doctors appointment.

As part of an ongoing pilot project in the Greater Montreal Area, DOCTR CHECK-IN cuts down the wait time to see a doctor by automatically making an appointment for you, in place of people who have already cancelled.

So when a clinic is swamped with appointments, but one person randomly cancels, DOCTR CHECK-IN ensures you're the first person to take up the new time slot. The app lets you know the where and when of your newly gained doctor's appointment, and you're all set, no long-as-forever wait time needed.

Working in conjunction with a number of clinics all around the Island of Montreal, DOCTR CHECK-IN can get you an appointment for dental work, physical therapy, radiology, gynecology, and more medical needs.

And for moments when you need to see a doctor right away, the the creators of DOCTR CHECK-IN have an app that tells you which emergency's rooms are the most crowded and which have the lowest occupancy rate. Simple known as DOCTR, the app provides crucial information for when you have a medical emergency.

Available on Android and iPhone, or online as a web-service, DOCTR CHECK-IN will hopefully be an answer the prayers of many Montrealers who are sick (pun!) and tired of waiting forever for a doctor's appointment. For more details, head to the official website here.

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