Does The Pixar Theory Reveal A Shared Cinematic Universe, Or Is It Just Fanfiction?

A recent essay by entertainment journalist Jon Negroni claims to explain how every Pixar film, from Toy Story to Monsters University, are part of one large cinematic universe. For those who aren't a fan of reading, an official website/infographic has been made which explains the Pixar timeline in a much more accessible manner.

The Pixar Theory begins with Brave, in the 14-15th century of human history. From there, due to the influence of magic, humans, machines, and machines evolve into the later Pixar installments. Humans gain superpowers (The Incredibles), animals start to act like humans (Ratatouille and Finding Nemo), and inanitimate objects gain consciousness (Toy Story, Wall-E). Using clues and figues littered throughout the Pixar canon, the films are chronologically linked quite convincingly.

Some of the claims made in the Pixar Theory are a little lofty, but its a cool concept. It would also make the people at Pixar narrative genuises to be able to make 14 films (and counting) interconnected and share a common theme of evolution and interspecies dynamics. A little intellectual for kids movies, but the Pixar Theory does a good job of making you believe its true.

What do you think about the Pixar Theory? Is it the ramblings of a crazed fan, or the enlightened revelation of a cinema scholar? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think.