Dog In The Montreal Metro

Dog In The Montreal Metro

Casually browsing the web this morning for interesting and engaging content, as one does, this photo caught our eye, and really, how can it not. Reddit user cruzweb uploaded this striking photo of a Montreal student walking along the Beaubien metro platform (obviously before it closed for renovations) with an adorable Beagle peeking its head out of a knapsack.

Not particularly relevant to your life, we know, apart from maybe the yellow badge you may have noticed pinned to the pack (which apparently represents a red square compromise where students accept school fee hikes if done over a 10-year period #themoreyouknow), but c'mon - look how cuuuute the little doggy is.

A classic case of a picture is worth a thousand words, (or at least 100 in this case anyway) and definitely a view of the metro worth sharing.

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