Dogs Saved From Dog Meat Farm Are Now Up For Adoption In Quebec & Across North America

A sad story with a truly happy ending!
Dogs Saved From Dog Meat Farm Are Now Up For Adoption In Quebec & Across North America
  • The Humane Society International (HSI) managed to save 90 dogs from a dog meat farm in South Korea and help some of them get to Montreal to be rehabilitated. 
  • Now, a number of these rescued dogs are healthy and ready for adoption.
  • Find pictures of these precious pups below!

Less than a month ago, thanks to the work of the Humane Society International (HSI), 90 dogs were rescued from an appalling South Korean dog meat farm. Sixty of those pups were flown here to the Montreal emergency shelter for rehabilitation in order to get them ready for adoption.

And now there's even more good news to what could have been a heartbreaking story — 32 of the rescues are already healthy, happy, and ready for their forever homes! 

Five dogs were sent to HSI's rescue partner, the SPCA Laurentides-Labelle, and three dogs have already been taken in by loving families. 

It definitely has not been an easy road for these dogs. These animals were kept in horrific conditions and had to face extensive veterinary care, rehabilitation, and socialization before they were ready to get back out into the world. Even something as simple as a hair trim could take days due to the matting and overall neglect. 

Most of the dogs spent their lives cramped in tiny cages, surviving on rotten restaurant garbage, and with little to no social interaction. 

This was the 15th dog meat farm that the non-profit HSI has helped shut down. Without its help, these poor pups would have been sold to slaughter farms, markets, or illegal dogfighters. 

You could be the one to adopt one of these dogs now!

It's not just Quebec that's helping these dogs get another chance on life. Rescue organizations around the U.S. are stepping in to help. Today, another group of 6 happy and healthy dogs are on their way just over the border in Amsterdam, New York to the Montgomery County SPCA.

Yesterday, 15 of the rescued dogs headed to the Animal House Shelter in Illinois, and six to the Broome County Humane Society in Binghamton, NY.

There are still two dogs looking for homes at the SPCA Laurentides-Labelle. Both Gardner and Kayla will need a little extra attention from calm and dedicated owners since they haven't had any training or socialization. But, if you have the time and patience, they would make a great addition to a family. 

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It's amazing to see the transformation of these animals from living in the worst conditions that one can imagine, to becoming trusting and loving pets. 

[rebelmouse-image 26888777 photo_credit="HSI | Facebook" expand=1 original_size="4032x3024"] HSI | Facebook

For some feel-good vibes, take a look at Charlie's Instagram story below. Charlie was one of the dogs who was rescued from the dog meat farm. Thanks to the love of a volunteer, he now has his forever home and couldn't look happier. 

HSI has been working diligently to fight the dog trade industry throughout South Korea. While most South Koreans don't eat dog meat (and it's declining rapidly with younger generations), there are still an estimated two million dogs kept in dog meat farms. 

HSI's campaign to raise awareness and offer farmers alternatives has helped to save countless four-legged friends. 

All adoptions are handled by the individual rescue partners (not by HSI), so if you're interested in adopting one of these dogs, keep an eye on the Facebook pages for updates on which pups are available and when! 

If you're interested in adopting one of these dogs, please visit the following Facebook pages for more info:

SPCA Laurentides-Labelle 

Animal House Shelter in Illinois

The Broome County Humane Society in New York 

Montgomery County SPCA in New York

If adding a pet to your house isn't an option, donations to FriendsofHSI always help!

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