$5000 Reward For Finding A USB Lost In Montreal Right Now

The owner really wants it back.
$5000 Reward For Finding A USB Lost In Montreal Right Now

Finding a single USB key could get you a $5000, a reward being offered by a family from Syracuse, New York who had a digital storage device with important information stolen from their car last weekend. 

Melisa Kohan and her husband, a PhD student attending Syracuse University, were in Montreal last Saturday visiting family over the American Thanksgiving weekend. 

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Parking their car close to Sherbrooke and Drummond, the couple spent a few hours with a nearby relative. 

Upon returning to the vehicle, however, Kohan and her partner (who remains unnamed) found the car was broken into, Kohan recounted to CJAD 800.

Several items were stolen from the car, including a backpack containing a computer and a rather important USB key. 

Practically the entirety of Kohan’s husband’s PhD, including research conducted over five years and a rough copy of his dissertation, was on the USB.  

Unfortunately, no copies of the information exists. Copies were on the husband’s computer, but that was stolen. As were backup USB ports. 

Kohan’s husband was nearly finished with his PhD, but that doesn’t seem likely anymore. 

Losing five years of your life (which isn’t a hyperbolic claim to make for a PhD student) is quite the emotional blow, so the couple is hoping the Montreal community can help out to resolve the problem.

A $5000 reward is being offered for the USB key and the research it has on it. No questions or inquiries will follow, Kohan and her husband just want the USB back. 

Kohan described the stolen items to CJAD 800: a dark-grey Cotopaxi backpack with a yellow logo. Inside the backpack, specifically a cloth pouch adorned with penguins, is where the USB ports were kept. 

Anyone with a tip or lead can contact the couple directly at melisa.keskin@gmail.com.

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