Dominos Is Offering All Pizza For 50% Off Across Canada This Week

This week just got 1000x better.
Dominos Is Offering All Pizza For 50% Off Across Canada This Week

We all know that the first week of spring typically means most stores begin having clearance sales that are hard to ignore. Usually, it's stores such as Chapters Indigo and other big-name retailers selling fashion, home decor and stationery that have the big box sales.

That might have just changed though... as it looks like Canadians will now be able to take advantage of a sweet meal deal this week as well. In case you didn't already know, Dominos Pizza is having an amazing offer right now that you really can't ignore.

All pizzas, both menu and custom-made, are 50% off right now!

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TL;DR Dominos Pizza is having a 50% off sale on all menu and custom-made pizzas until March 24, 2019. Use promo code CAG5014 at checkout to receive the deal. The promotion is only applicable to online orders, and cannot be combined with other coupons or offers. More details below.

From now until March 24 you can take a night off cooking and order out for your favourite pizza from Dominos. All you have to do is log into the Dominos Pizza website, add either a pizza from the menu or custom make your own, and head to checkout!

Make sure before you order to enter the promo code CAG5014 at checkout, after that you can expect your pizza to be 50% cheaper than regular price!

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The offer applies to online orders only, which means you have the choice between delivery or pick-up at your nearest Dominos location. 

This deal is not combinable with other coupons or offers, so order options such as gluten-free crusts may receive additional charges.

Since you have the entire week to order as many pizzas as your heart desires, the possibilities are endless!

We can all agree this brings a whole new meaning to spring sales.

To order your pizza with the promo code above, visit Dominos Pizza HERE.


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